Main Street Philanthropy Week 9

I love freewriting because it is an easy way to get all my thoughts out on paper without worrying about being graded on correct grammar or punctuation. When I am having a hard time, whether it is at school or at home, it is a great way for me to pinpoint exactly what is plaguing my mind because if the problem does not get on paper and stays floating in my head, I can convince myself that is just a passing dark cloud and make myself believe there is no problem. The activity we did in class this week was an activity I liked very much because of the writing. Truth be told, I did not answer the question until I was about three-quarters of the way down the college-ruled paper, but it was still fun. Freewriting like that is difficult to start, but once one does, it is like a snowball effect: one just keeps writing faster and faster as ideas flow from one’s mind through the pen onto the page. I wrote about the volunteering at soup kitchens or orphanages I want to do after my experience at Main Street Philanthropy and how I would make that happen. I have been looking up soup kitchens and orphanages near here, but unfortunately, there are very few near Millburn; the closest ones being in New York. However, I still am looking into ways to help children because I enjoy interacting with them the most. I hope to find a few that I am interested in over the winter break and give them a call.

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