Main Street Philanthropy Week 8

In class we presented our power points to the class. It was the first time all of our group’s money was together, and I could not believe how much we raised! Together we roughly made $390, and I cannot wait to present our checks to the organizations we have chosen. We wanted an organization that would match our mission: to help at-risk kids, and we found our match with Crossroads. They were unable to make it to our second panel class, which was very unfortunate as I am sure their presentation would have been very interesting. However, they have great tax records and are currently helping seven girls at their southern NJ location about our age. We are proudly donating 60% of our earnings to them to help buy the girls clothes, supplies, and holiday gifts. The second organization we did not expect to give to was Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, a charity that provides care for cancer patients during and after their treatment and are cured. Patients, they said, are welcome to stay as long after they are cured as they need to until they are back on their feet. My group and I just loved this organization because their services go beyond what is expected of a charity that helps cancer patients. They take care of the families of cancer patients instead of just the patients and provide food for financially disabled families or pay their electricity and water bills. I am very excited to go present the checks to the organizations next class and hopefully, we can find rides to go!

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