Week 8 Blog

This past week has been probably the most eventful in Main Street Philanthropy so far. First of all, the second panel class was very informative and interesting and I enjoyed meeting the representatives from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and Bridge of Books. Both representatives were very helpful and we learned much more about their organizations, despite the fact that the charity we called, Crossroads, was unable to make the class. We learned that the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation helps the families of children who are terminally ill as they tend to undergo large amounts of financial and everyday stress struggling with the treatment of the child. The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation provides much-needed financial support, food deliveries, babysitting services, and counseling to the families of sick kids. Bridge of Books collects books to give to kids who are less fortunate and do not have access to a basic resource like books. This can help improve education and literacy rates in children. We also did all of our fundraising this week and went around our neighborhood selling candy canes and collecting donations. Emily and I were very proud that we raised around $130 from going around my neighborhood for two to three hours, despite the fact that it was very cold outside. Erin and Ilina raised around $250 in total, as well. We raised a little bit more during school afterwards from selling the leftover candy canes. Although maybe two or three people chose not to donate or buy a candy cane we were surprised at the amount of people who listened to us and donated when we went house to house. Also, doing the interview with my dad allowed me to learn more about his experiences with giving and handling money, especially considering he is a banker and is on a board of directors for a charity himself. I am looking forward to presenting our final checks to the charities in the coming weeks.

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