Interview and Panel Class Relfection

Week 7’s panel class was a little bit more interesting than the one that was held week 6. This is because the two charities were vastly different, not only in purpose and there mission, but in there financial situations as well. It was very noticeable how while Emmanuel Cancer had a much more organized structure and more organization financially, Bridge of Books had a much different, less organized plan as well as a lower budget. While studying finances in the prior weeks of the course I distinctly remember a discussion on how charities that are less established may not have such a definite financial plan. This definitely was evident┬áto be true considering the fact that Emmanuel Cancer has been around for a much longer time compared to Bridge of Books. For my interview I decided to interview the most important woman in my life, my mother. In her interview with me she discussed how she grew up in a much worse financial situation than she and I are living in now, where money was somewhat tight. My mother also detailed with me how she now gives to many charities that she has a personal connection with. For example she donates money to charities that help to battle MS because she had a childhood friend who unfortunately had her life taken by the disease. What I found more interesting though was her reasoning for giving. It was not to make herself feel good, nor is it out of pity. My mother gives to organizations because she wants to put all people on an “even playing field” in her words, making sure that everybody has the same opportunities. This belief has prompted her giving to the New Jersey Food Bank, as well as her volunteering and donating to Bridges (not related at all to Bridge of Books). I believe that all people should give due to this principle. While I agree it is a small issue because no matter why you give the donation goes to a good cause, it is a good test of character to actually analyze honestly why we give and if we do it for any personal gain of our own.

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