Journal 5: Learning From Others

This weeks class was an eye opening experience. We had a panel that two charity organization representatives attended. One was a director at the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation and the other the President of Bridge of Books Foundation. These were both two inspiring women. Hearing them speak about their involvement in the foundations, what passions they had and their future goals was moving. The women who runs Bridge of Books has given up all of her time to run this foundation completely on volunteer service. It is amazing how dedicated she is to her cause and how much of herself she puts into her foundation; it has become an integral part of her life. As someone quite interested in non-profit management as a career this is quite motivational. I have always been told that making this great passion for service of mine into my whole life would not be a safe idea. Luckily meeting people like the representative from Emmanuel Cancer Foundation gives me hope. I spoke with her and she gave me her phone number for future advice on my possible career path. I am excited to utilize her wisdom! This weekend my group also participated in our fundraiser. Erin and I walked door to door in the cold for a few hours spreading awareness about the MSP course, The Crossroads Program and the Change Bakers Mission (as well as gave out some peppermint candy canes!). Surprisingly people were happy to donate and we reached our goal of $250 within one day! Going door to door is hard work but also a rewarding experience as you get to meet lots of new people and learn about their perspectives on your cause. Whenever I see people waiting outside stores collecting money I like to donate some change to their cause as I understand their position after being in that situation many times these past four years. Lastly I interviewed my mother regarding her opinions on charity organizations and life. I learned about her childhood in India and the transition to America she made at the young age of 25. She parted wisdom about saving money, retaining culture and community, thinking beyond myself and finding happiness in my bliss. I can see the pattern we learned about in the first class about how our life experiences affect what worldly causes we become concerned about most. It was a rewarding experience learning about my mother in that perspective.

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