Reflection of Interview and Last Panel Class

I interviewed my mom for the questions we had to ask because I know that she has done work with several charities and I could probably learn from her answers. One thing that my mom said that surprised me during the interview was the experience that changed her life that she shared with me. Since she is a social worker, she has worked with many special needs kids varying from very young ages to elderly. She told me about this teenager she worked with named Matt and how his experience (which she didn’t want me to publish on the blog) had completely changed her perspective on life and what is truly important. From this conversation, I learned that I should be deliberate with my money in the sense that I should keep track of how much I have, where I want to spend it, and how much I should save. I plan on keeping this in mind when donating to a charity in the near future. This past week, two women came in, one from the Bridge of Books Foundation and the other who is on the board from the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. These women had very persuasive arguments of why we should be donating to them, and I could definitely see us putting in some money to both organizations because both work to help children. Since this was the last panel class, I have come to the conclusion that we will most likely not be donating to one foundation because there are so many terrific ones out there. Lastly, my group has completed our fundraising and we had a complete success!!! Deanne and I walked around her neighborhood for two hours selling candy canes for a dollar each and by the end we managed to raise $126.50, which I find to be very exciting. We have spoken with Ilina and Erin who also did a fantastic job by raising a little more than $250! Altogether we have raised more than $100 over our goal, which was $250! I am very pleased with the outcome of our fundraising experience and I look forward to giving money to a variety of charities.

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