Our First Panel Class

At our first panel class, we had two representatives come in. One from The Valarie Fund and the other from the Mental Health Association. Unfortunately, Crossroads (the foundation we arranged to come) had to cancel last minute and a representative did not attend. Yet, I was very reassured by the end of the class because I was very impressed by both of the organizations that were there and would be glad to donate to either one of the. I could definitely see our group donating a portion of our money to the Valarie Fund, yet I am not sure about the Mental Health Association. The only reason for this is that they do not specifically help children and I think that we are very set on putting our donations toward a cause that will guarantee support to disadvantaged children. In terms of our fundraising, we have not started anything yet, but we have a plan. Next week we will all go out and sell candy canes by going house to house in several neighborhoods. I am very excited about doing this and I hope that it is a success!

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