Week 6 Blog – First Panel Class

This week we had our first panel class. Although the representative that we called from the Crossroads Program did not come this week, it was interesting to hear about the other two charities. Despite the fact that we did not call them personally, I think my group might be interested in donating some of our grant dollars to one of these two charities. Both of the organizations were serving different purposes, one was for disabled people and one for child patients of terminal illnesses such as sickle cell disease, however after learning more about the charities we found that many of the experiences they went through were similar in that they had similar fundraisers and struggles in the organization. From what I saw, the Valerie fund was meant to give child patients and families full treatment for their terminal illnesses including therapy and outside treatments other than the basic treatment. Many times children and families are left devastated because there is no full treatment and therapy to deal with having a terminal illness and all they receive is the medication and regular check-ups. The Mental Health Association was more working with adults with mental health illnesses. I think their goal included more awareness to show people that mental health illnesses are not things to be afraid of and are very common. Mental health illnesses can include eating disorders, ADHD, and more. I did not realize the amount of people suffering from mental health illnesses. I am looking forward to the next panel class and meeting our representative that we called.

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