Week 5 Blog

This week in Main Street Philanthropy we went over the quantitative ratings for our charity, the Crossroads Program. We found that they had a total score of 11 out of 15 based on their program ratio, management ratio, fundraising ratio, cost to raise $1, and sustainability. Compared to some of the other charities researched by other groups, Crossroads had the highest overall score. Based on this, our group decided that we would like to ask the Crossroads representative on their sustainability and how their charity funds will look five years down the road because they scored a 1 out of 3 in sustainability, their lowest score. We also considered other questions to ask the representatives such as what percentage of their board is giving personally? Their answer would allow us to determine how dedicated their board is to the charity. Also, we thought of asking the representatives about their planned giving programs. Our group has decided to raise money for our charity by going around our neighborhoods asking for change and selling baked goods. We also are sending out flyers in some neighborhoods to collect loose change. Hopefully we can raise the target $250. I am looking forward to meeting the representatives of all the charities coming next week and getting to learn more about the programs first-hand.

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