Week 6 Post

Week 6, at least I thought, was pretty cool.

Although I didn’t get a chance to hear a lot more about the organizations that were represented by their leaders/representatives due to a schedule conflict, upon my late arrival to class, I thought that the last couple of minutes when I did get a chance to hear about them were informational and opened my mind to the effort and thought that goes into making such organizations a success, conveyed through the tone and manner of the representatives.

Both representatives were very professional, dressed cleanly but not to properly because they were not at a business meeting, smiling and direct with their information.

I got a chance to hear both representatives speak for their organizations, and I thought the lady was very charming and charismatic. She had a bright face with a bright smile on the whole entire time, especially when she was talking, and what she was saying was very direct and focused on the information she knew about her organization.

Our team (Health, trust, pixie dust) had requested that one of the representatives from the Valerie Fund come to speak for our panel class, and one did (actually, the leader of the organization), which was great and exciting. He also had a warm smile on the whole entire time he was talking, and he was also very focused on what he was saying because we were observing the representatives’ every move.

I listened to a couple of students ask questions at the end of the meeting regarding what the representatives had said or in general directed toward the organizations, and the representatives were very quick to answer and had exact answers that directly addressed the questioner, which I thought was fantastic.

All in all, I thought the panel class gave me a new experience because see the energy that these people displayed and the passion they showed for the organizations they worked for, and it inspired me to try to have the same passion and confidence in everything I do.

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