Main Street Philanthropy Week 6

The panel class this week was a very interesting experience. I have never been in a class where we contacted and invited people to a class to speak.   I am not sure organization that came to the panel November 25th was the one I liked the best. Comparing the two is simply impossible because they both do such wonderful things for people who need help, and one organization helps cancer patients and the other helps the mentally handicapped. Both categories are equally important. There will be another panel class on December 2nd, and I look forward to another experience with directors and board members of charities. I cannot believe we actually invited strangers on our own to an in-class interview. It was a strange idea for me because this time it was not us asking them, for instance, for help on our research project or an interview we were asked to conduct for an assignment in school. It was us this time, inviting them here to possibly give them something. It was us trying to make a change in society, and I just never really thought it was something I could or would ever do. Making a change just seemed so difficult because I did not try to, I did not try to simply pick up the phone and call an organization I felt compassionate about to offer my services as a volunteer or to donate money that I raised. I am also learning that raising money is harder than I thought it would be. There is a lot of worrying and what-ifs going on in my head right now. What if I don’t have time to go around to enough houses in my neighborhood and put fliers in their mailboxes? What if people ignore them and don’t donate money? What if even if they do it’s not enough? What if all we’ve done goes to waste? What if? What if? What if? I really do not want to let my group down, and I just feel I already have by not having time last weekend to stick fliers in mailboxes. But I am willing to do whatever I need to help make this happen. No one ever said making a difference was easy.





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