Week 5 Blog

Unfortunately week 4 was somewhat short, so I feel as if not as much got accomplished as possible. However overall I felt the class was still very productive. It was very interesting to see the various charity’s 990 forms. While some of the organizations were clearly using their money very responsibly, others were not using their money as wisely as perhaps they could. ┬áIt was very interesting to see how each charity used their money differently based on their needs. Also seeing how some 990 forms were filled out pretty appropriately based on the charity’s mission and what they do. For example, Advocates for Children of New Jersey had a very large percentage of their expenses going to salaries. While at first this was startling and my group thought maybe the organization was not using their money very wisely, we realized that the since the group is focused on advocacy, the salaries are going to people who are advocates and therefore helping the program. In addition, some suspicions my group and other groups may have about the financial side, or any other part of their or another group’s organization will likely be discussed in next week’s panel class. In this class, where members of various organizations come to speak about their charity and also answer questions, I hope to not only learn about each charity in specific, but also how charities represent and handle themselves in front of potential donators.

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