Journal 4: Doubling Up and Getting Technical

Sadly I was ┬ásick last week and I missed the meeting. But this week I am back and better than ever with a ┬álot of information. A representative from Crossroads, the organization I mentioned in my last blog, will be coming to MHS on December 2nd! Their headquarters are a little south jersey so I don’t think we will be able to go visit them personally, but I know we will be able to ask them a lot of great questions when they arrive. Knowing that they support MSP and young philanthropy leaders enough to come and educate us about their cause and the steps they take to support it is inspiring. In class we learned a lot about the numbers side of charity. What the controversy can be nowadays is trusting the organizations you donate to. To be a knowledgeable donator one must make sure that their money is going directly to the cause and not into the pocket of an executive running the charity. To learn about this we looked at the form 990 for our chosen charities. By pulling information from certain columns and putting them into equations we were able to see how good the charity was about using their money wisely. Money is needed for most action to be took, and if the charity you donate to is not using their money mostly toward their cause then it is best to find another charity with the same cause (inevitably there will be one) and donate your money to them! We will be giving money from our own fundraisers soon so it is important for us to learn about this. Additionally, you need to be a smart volunteer. When you decide to volunteer for a specific charity – always do a back up check. Find out how the organization communicates with the volunteers: do the volunteers keep coming back because they like the way things are run or do they complain, how do the directors of the event inform you of your job and make sure you are doing it correctly and comfortably? These are vital questions to ask yourself when getting involved with an organization. For the Change Bakers currently, now that we have found a few charities, we are working on fundraisers. We were informed in class that when we fundraise we cannot say it is for our charities, because that will all be decided when with the class as a whole, but instead ask people to donate to the cause of Main Street Philanthropy – explain the course and show donators the articles. Currently our team is deciding between a lose change collection, selling things outside of kings and going door to door to spread awareness on our cause and ask for donations. Updates to come on how our fundraiser turns out!

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