Evaluating Investments

This past week, the class discussed the significance of not only using quantitative evaluation, but also qualitative evaluation. Although the financial aspects of a charity are important, it is also necessary that a charity has a dedicated staff, lots of board members, and offers lots of services. By learning about what goes on behind the scenes in a charity, it can guide a person to deciding whether or not they are worth of their donation. In my opinion, I see more value to quantitative analysis. It becomes very clear what a charities priorities are by seeing basic financial spending. For example, I would be hesitant to donate to a company that has a larger management expense then program expense because it would show that they are not putting a lot of money into creating solid programs for the issue they are helping. So far, I have found it pretty challenging to decide what nonprofit organization is best for investing in because there are so many great charities out there that it is hard to choose one. Also, our group had been almost positive that we were going to donate to the Crossroads foundation, yet recently it came to our attention that they are located in South Jersey, which limits us in being able to do direct work with the charity (which is what a lot of our group members wanted). Regardless, Crossroads does have a great cause and after quantitatively evaluating them, they have proven to be strong financially. After the panel class tomorrow, I hope it turns out that they are also doing well qualitatively, therefore it will become clear whether or not we will be donating to them.

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