Week 4 Blog

This week in Main Street Philanthropy we learned about taxes and how they work in charities. We were introduced to 990 Forms, which are documents that state all the information about a charity for a year in terms of their expenses and revenues. By studying these forms and the information we can determine how a charity uses the money they are given and whether it is worth donating to the charity. This is interesting to see because many times if I am deciding whether or not to donate to a charity I do not really look into where my money is actually going. After discussing this week outside of class, our group decided that we are leaning towards supporting the Crossroads Program because it seems to be the most relevant to our purpose and mission. We also have been discussing fundraisers for raising money for the charity and are thinking of collecting money outside Kings, possibly, or having a type of candy raffle or bake sale. I am looking forward to the upcoming panel classes and to meeting and speaking with the different charities called by the class.

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