Week 4 Blog

Being almost halfway through the course and heading towards the end of it, week 4 went by really quickly.

During class, we reviewed what we had learned the previous week and also learned everything we, as students and potential donors, needed to know about taxes. We learned that taxes are a way for us to serve our community by providing public service organizations with money to give us service such as the police, school, etc., and that taxes have an important cause behind them. We also learned about Form 990’s, which are documents that document the purchases¬†and revenue of an organization or company. By examining and evaluating these Forms, we can see if the organization will be trustworthy aka have a stable source of revenue, be able to pay taxes without losing money, etc. We can see if our investment in the organization will be a wise one and grow, or be a poor one and fail. This was interesting to me because I had never really thought about all of the money that an organization deals with in such a precise manner, that every activity and every purchase that the organization makes is recorded on a public document, one that everyone can access online at any time. It really goes to show that the organizations are putting themselves out there and will have to face judgment from the rest of us based on their Form 990, one thing among others.

I think by this point, the Valerie Fund seems the most worthy of organizations to donate to because of its locality and professionalism, although I have no idea if Eloise was able to reach them by phone and if she was successful.

I did not have time to cold call this week, so hopefully I will have time in the future to do so. Hopefully, I will not put off this task in the future again, because my calling will only benefit my group.

I hope that we can have a lovely and informational class today in Main Street Phil, and I hope that we can accomplish much in the little time that we have remaining, as we have done the previous weeks.

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