Blog #4

Last week in Main Street Philanthropy Class we discussed our experiences with reaching out to charities. A lot of students were nervous to speak with the charities and therefore did not have the confidence to make the call. Yet, the students who did make the call and were very anxious at first realized that it was not that difficult at all. Once I heard the positive reactions to cold calling, I was more willing to make the call myself. Although both calls I made went straight to voicemail or a secretary, I am still hopeful that in the future I will be able to make a connection with a representative from a charity. We also learned about tax returns and how they work. It was very interesting understand what tax returns are because when I am older, I will utilize these skills that I learned in Main Street Philanthropy. They are also important because it is necessary to know how charities handle their money when giving a large donation to them.

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