Week 3

This week I was encountered with the seemingly daunting task of cold calling charities. I was very nervous at first as I thought they would simply dismiss me as some high school student not worthy of their time. However with the charity I called I found just the opposite. The individual I spoke with was overjoyed, honored and extremely impressed with the story of Main Street Philanthropy the mission we were trying to achieve. She was extremely open to participating in the program and willing to help in any way . This experience somewhat allowed me to see that if I am organized and have a legitimate plan as to what I want to achieve I can make a difference as adults will take me seriously. My experience in crafting my Purpose, Vision and mission statements allowed the conflict I wanted to help in someway seem more manageable as my group and I began to create a clear plan of action.

Week 1

In the activity this week we got to work with the MAD cards, this seemingly simple game actually allowed me to learn a lot about myself and get closer to understanding what it is that truly drives me to make a difference in this world. In choosing the issues I noticed that I stayed tended to choose issues that dealt with helping others, especially children. I also found that for myself and classmates that we tended to choose issues that we had had experience with in the past whether as we were able to see first hand how these issues affected the world around us. By participating in the Main Street Philanthropy class I hope to be able to pinpoint what truly drives me to make a lasting impact on the world, which I have begun to do even in just this past week. I also hope to learn the ins and outs of how charities operate to help others and if they are truly being effective in their actions.