Week 2 Blog

This week I was able to learn a lot about my group members Clarissa, Taylor and Emily through the Brown Paper Bag Activity. By listening to and seeing something that is symbolic of their values, I could better understand how their values reflect their experiences in life. Emily brought in a stage pass from a concert that she went to for the band Passion Pit. Not only does Emily enjoy seeing Passion Pit perform, but when she hears their music it makes her genuinely happy. Both Emily and Taylor brought a bracelet from the camp that they attend in the summer. For them, their camp is their favorite place in the world because it is a place where they feel safe to be themselves. They are always surrounded by their friends and are in a relaxing environment, which makes them thoroughly enjoy their summers. This taught me that both Emily and Taylor enjoy being around people that support them and make them feel good about themselves. Taylor also brought in a photo of her family and the bracelet that her grandmother gave her when she was born. The bracelet was also given to Taylor’s mom when she was a baby. The bracelet symbolizes the close relationship that Taylor has between her grandmother, her mom and herself. Taylor spends a lot of time with her grandmother, and enjoys her company. The photo of Taylor’s family shows how she values the people that are closest to her and those who know her best. Clarissa brought in cooking tools, which taught me about her passion for cooking. Cooking needs exact measurements, which is representative of how Clarissa is exact in everything she does, trying to achieve perfection. In cooking, you must treat the ingredients with care, which is representative of how Clarissa is caring of others and wants them to be happy. For team fundraising, we would like to do a bake sale, a car wash, or something similar to a penny war. We have not decided on a date when we will hold it, but we will soon.

Week 1 Blog

This week I learned a lot about myself and what is important to me. Although many people said that they had trouble choosing which 3 MAD Cards they wanted to use, choosing the cards came fairly easy to me. I knew what I was most interested in and made an impulsive decision based on what I know and what I hope to learn from these topics.  The MAD Cards I chose were hospitals and medical care, health research and education, and public health and welfare. I chose these cards because they are all related to helping others and promoting a healthy lifestyle. When I chose the cards, I took into consideration past experiences and chose the topics that I would have the most interest in. From watching my partner and the other students choose their cards, I saw the process that people went through to choose their cards. Each person took into consideration their passion as well as their past experience in certain areas that need help, such as arts, preservation, the environment, health, or illnesses. From participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program, I hope to gain a wider understanding of the problems that are most prominent in our society as well as how charities work to make a change for the topic that they support. I am excited for this program and the many opportunities that it provides not only for me to better myself but for me to directly benefit the lives of others.