This past week, I really enjoyed learning more about the charities that came for the second panel class. What struck my attention the most was how the Emmanuel Cancer Orgnaization helped the family even after their child was cancer free which shows how much the organization really cares about the families. It was a great experience to fundraise for the Emmauel cancer foundation. We handed out panfletes to show  what the students buying from the bake sale were helping and why they should donate. This led to us making more money than we had expected. This past week was an overall great experience .

At the first panel last week, it was very interesting to hear about these two organizations. Even though one of the organizations was not picked, It still amazes me epecially how the workers there had a mental illness themselves. I also got to know a lot more information about the Valary fund and am deciding if I want to fund for them. Overall, It was an amazing panel class and learned things I had never known as well as learning about a great organization I have never heard of.

Last week, I really enjoyed discussing some fundraisers and the poles for the next two weeks. I am really excited to see the organizations including my own organization tomorrow and learn about what they do. It is good to stay open minded so I can get a better understanding for not only my own, but everyone’s organizations. I hope to learn a lot and ask questions. I am especially excited for the Valary fund tomorrow and to see what it is all about.

Blog 3

last week, it was very interesting to listen to how the cold calls went for the different groups. It was suprising to me to see how many groups called charities that went straight to voicemail. Before actually experiencing a cold call myself, I presumed that the charities would answer. It was also very interesting to learn about tax returns because that is a really important part of life, maybe not to me at this moment, but when I am older. It is also very important to see where the money is going towards in our organizations that we are thinking of funding for. Last years class helped me to recognize what important aspects I need to think about when funding for these organizations.

Blog 3

This week we decided to create a purpose, vision, and mission statements. It was interesting to see what organizations we would like to work with and how we would get them to come in to philanthropy. My team wants to be able to see the target and direction that we are headed in. It is important to set a realistic goal for us. We would like to donate but more importantly visit sick children in hospitals and have a relationship with them. We would like to possibly have a drive for books or toys for these children as well as have bake sales to raise money. During class it was amazing how we got to call the executive director of the Valary organization and learned what this organization was about and if we would like to donate and invite them to our panel class,which I think would be very rewarding. Overall, it was a great experience to learn about the Valary organization and starting to find our direction of where we want to be headed.

Blog 2

Last week we had been put into groups based on the cards that we had chosen for the activity a week earlier. It was so interesting to see how I can be united with a new group of people based on our cards. We chose to focus on health and helping others who have difficulties helping themselves. Eloise,Clarissa,Emily Cohn, and I had all been inspired to learn more about this topic and this led to a bond that held us all together to have a similar mindset about Main Street philanthropy. During the brown paper bag excersize, I learned that the main things were about activities, and family. Eloise had a picture of her sailing and Emily and I had a necklace from camp. Clarissa had a pencil, which shows what she loves to do. It really showed me what is most important in my life and in others lives. For the most part, we had similar beliefs on what concepts were most important in our lives even if our actual objects were different. This proved how everyone has something special in their lives. Our team was discussing how we would We have to raise money for our organization because it’s not all donations from people. We have not thought of a date for this but have a good idea about how to raise money. This way of raising money would be by having a bake sale. This is how much I learned over the course of this week about philanthropy.

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After the first meeting I did not know what to expect or what I will be learning about. during the activity with the different cards, it really opened my eyes to how fortunate I am. I would never have o think about my health insurance or having enough food for three meals. also it was conflicting to choose which card was the most important because they all were so important to help. it was upsetting to think that some people have to worry about food or their health insurance.