Hey Millburn!! So excited to be launching Main St. Philanthropy Academy with you!!

Hey Millburn!

Great first day!  I’m so pleased with all of you and hope that you’re as excited about this class as I am.

We are embarking on a journey where we’re going to discover what makes us come alive, what we stand for!  We’re going to discover things about ourselves and each other that we never knew, we’re going to be inspired and inspire those around us, we’re going to discover our capacity, our ideal outcomes, and then we’re going to make those ideal outcomes happen.  All the while, we’ll be giving strength and drawing strength from each other, and perhaps most importantly, we’ll be deriving all of these personal benefits while helping those who can benefit from our help.

Congratulations on making a decision to give of yourselves.  You’ll discover that often times, when we give, we receive.