Recent Thoughts

With everything that’s going on in the media, the protests, politics and opinions flying around, it really got me thinking. It got me thinking how all of this started because people had an idea, a goal, and a desire to see it through. Sometimes I think that we can’t make a difference, we’re just kids, or just one individual isn’t enough. But that’s totally not true. Everyone starts from somewhere, and the most famous person in the world didn’t get where he was today by not believe in what he could do. Whats happening now, and whats happened in the past proves that anyone can bring about change if they want it bad enough and if they have a team or a group of people who are willing to stick around and help make that happen. That is what charities around the world are accomplishing also. I bet that some pessimistic soul came around and told a charity that they weren’t going to make a difference, that it was never going to work. But thoughts like those cant bring you down, or else they were right. You have to believe in yourself, and the power that you have and only then will you really bring about change.

Journal 3

Last class we were really getting into the meat of the course and actually taking action on some of our desired charities. My group was kind of like a mod podge of different ideas and purposes, so we took a bit of time trying to find some common ground. We eventually chose helping children into a better environment, which covers all of our desired areas; environment, children, social justice, and education. After that, we had to chose some charities and actually try to call them for the first time. It is always really scary going from the page to real life, but even though it sounds scary now, I know we will make it through. Some charities that I chose were Child help, childrens defense, and others. I am really excited imagining all the great things we will actually be doing with these charities and blown away by thinking that we will be making a real difference.

Blog 2

Our second day of class was just as exciting as the first. Based off of the topics that we chose during our Mad cards activity, we got put into group that had similar topics as ourselves. We then shared all of our three objects that we brought in. All of my group mates objects were really amazing and it really helped us to get to know each other. I personally brought in my keys, my notebook, and my phone. I chose my keys because I have a little TARDIS key chain on it which means I love Doctor Who, and it also has a card for the Gravity Vault which is a rock climbing place in Chatham and I just really think it explains who I am. I brought in my notebook and my phone because I write down everything in my notebook, like random thoughts, doodles, drawings, and all sorts of things and I keep everything I need in my phone like my music, calendar, notes etc. Our group name that we chose is the Global Givers because all of our topics centered mostly on problems happening throughout the world, like Civil Rights, Disaster Relief, Education, Children Education and such. So we aim to give to the world in hopes of making a difference in lasting things happening in the world right now. I am really excited to see what we will accomplish.

Week 1

On Tuesday we all embarked on the start of our Main Street Philosophy class! I’m so excited to see what this class has to offer and what I can offer the class. Charities are so much more than just being able to write a check to an organization. It’s about learning their cause, supporting it, and helping them reach their goals. When you believe in the same things the organization does, nothing feels better than to reach those goals and actually make a difference and change things. I definitely have a lot of ideas, and organizations that I want to help out myself which I found out more about during our MAD activity. I always knew that wanted to participate in many different causes, but our activity made me realize that I had a trend going in all of my causes. I mainly chose causes having to do with research, or art and culture preservation, because I think its very important to remember our past while also looking toward the future. I have high hopes for the future of this world and I’m excited to see what the world will look like in 50 years.