Main Street

In the last week meeting and had some clear on some the work.  The people in some of groups were little unclear of the things that we learned about. Last week we learned about it and was little hard for some people.  People are getting it to the workbook and some of the people are getting extra help with it. People should just ask each other for help if they need it.

Week 3

During the meeting that my group and had little bit of trouble with some of the things. We did in the handbook and people in the group are getting easy for them. People were more clear on it.  Some of the groups were helpful in each group.

Main Street Philanthrophy paragraph

I want to learn in the main street Philanthrophy is speak up for yourself. You look at the crowd nit your self at all and people will think your worried. I enjoy doing different orangzinger in my life time that all have. Some people dont have much money for their life they are being. Some of the children dont have time eat breakfast they come to the school they want to eat food. some of the family dont have time to feed their children in the morning and some children dont have mom or dad. They live their grandparents instead and I know that sounds really sad though and I even feel bad for the children though. That is help them the best can in the Main Street Philanthrophy and I know it hard thing to do and we can do it for them.