Field Trip Hype

Happy Monday,

One last thing that I forgot to mention in my previous blog post was all the hype brewing for next week’s upcoming field trip. It is encouraged that everyone attends because this is what you all have been working for this past 10 weeks — to put a smile on the face of many in need… Nontheless, ask your parents if they are up to volunteer chaperoning for this voyage that will partake next Tuesday, the 16th of December. To be honest, I have never stood up and made a difference like this on my own without the help/guidance of a program I signed up for. For the first time, I have made a change and decision for the better and truly no one instructed me nor forced me to do so!! Without a doubt this is something new I have learned about myself that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Anyway, get a good nights rest and see everyone tomorrow after school, 4:15!!

-Brett Mandel

Week 8 Panel Classes ~ Success!!

Good evening and happy Monday to ya’ll—>

Just wanted to enlighten your minds about the extravagance that happened in our panel class last week. Not only was our MSP group fortunate enough to hear about two more generous and potential charities, but also we were able to share a connection with these charities that some students, let alone many human beings have failed to acquire. And that is the idea of kind-giving, allegiance, and morality… A big round of a applause to everyone who could make this happen! With this in mind, our squad of benevolent givers/world improvers struck gold on friday’s morning bakesale, when we raised well over our goal to raise! Once again to everyone that donated, you rock for that!

See everyone tomorrow and get a good night’s rest!!


New Charity Ideas

Wishing everyone a happy Monday and hoping everyone enjoyed their short holiday break including quite a hefty Turkey nosh. Although, the Bon Secour’s Medical Care charity is unable to stopby this week, I am excited to say that I have been keeping contact with New Eyes for the Needy, a local charity just a few blocks down the street, and they are eager to lend a helping hand. Since I am usually there every Thursday after school we do keep in touch, so upon being placed into a new group, without a doubt I am willing to share this valuable connection with whoever needs it! Till then, everyone hang in there and get pumped for tomorrowwwwwwww

Group Status: Pending …. But Still Ready to Go!

Unfortunately, I am no longer officially a member of “Eat, Pray, Love” for many of our intial volunteers dropped the program a few weeks after setting up. Whatever, their loss. Nonetheless, I am eager to lend a helping hand, especially with the bakesale date Sophia and I have scheduled for the upcoming month of December. To top that off, I have some pending ideas about a raffle that I know for a fact hundreds of students would be eager in partaking in. The challenge is up for grabs!!