MAD Cards

I learned a lot about myself with the MAD cards. I learned what I care about in regards to charity and important services for the public. I learned what other people in my group care about in the public. It was difficult to narrow down what I thought was the most important because more than three was important to me. I think theses categories have all the major categories.I hope to gain experience in running a business and tactics in order to increase the wealth of my business.

Daniel Murphy


We have called multiple charities so far, but have been unable to connect with any actual people yet. I expect that we will be able to interact with charity leaders very soon, and I expect it to go very well once we do connect. At the very least I expect that we will have a ten minute conversation in which we exchange information and mission statements, as well as past work done by the charity. I hope that we will be contacted soon, but am worried about having to choose between organizations.

Research Call Experience

I called organizations with my group members and we listened to the 1st speaker together. We all listened in so that after the first call, we could divide and conquer. Kaitlyn and I split off and called the organization Bridge of Books which was coincidentally an organization that worked with our mentor Yale Levey. After explaining some details and gauging to see her availability, the executive director of Bridge of Books, the lady I talked to, followed up with me and let me know of her interest in our cause. We learned more about the specific services they provide and when Kaitlyn and I came back together with our group we learned that we had 4 successes (4 panelists) coming in. Overall, I think that my group found great success because we were able to understand what to say and how to effectively market ourselves to grab the attention of the organizations who thankfully picked up our calls.


I called organizations with my group members and we listened through the speaker. It was interesting and informational to speak directly with members in an organization. For example, we spoke with a member of the Elks Club. We learned more about the specific services they provide. Also, through this conversation, we learned that another strategy we could follow is calling specific, local lodges directly. This way, we may be more effective in achieving specific results than by talking to a representative from the general organization. 

Connecting with Companies

My group and I have reached out to one organization so far, and it went ‘okay’ – definitely not what I expected. We called the Elks Club and the person on the phone told us to come to a party to network and see them for help and where we want to go, so it went better than anticipated. I think the rest of our phone calls will go decently even if people say no!

Research Call Experience

Though our group has not had the chance to call the organization, Sarah’s Fight for Hope, I have connected with the president of the organization through email. So far, she has agreed to coming in to the panel on May 30th. She is also very excited about working closely with our group. Hopefully, we will be able to call her tomorrow afternoon and talk more in depth with what we want to accomplish. I am excited about working with this organization because they seem like they are very invested with our vision and want to do whatever they can to help us while we help them.

Research Call Experience

Thus far, my group (pollution prohibitors) made about six calls to various organizations. Most of the time, we had to leave messages for people and if not, talk to someone to get the contact information of the executive director. Some of the organizations seem to not be interested in our purpose, and some of them are not actively making changes for their cause so there was no point in trying to get in touch with them. We narrowed down the list of organizations to those that have the most potential in attending the panel and we have to further be in contact with them to figure out their schedules.

Team Purpose + Mission Statement

Our team, KinderCare, would like to work and collaborate with local nonprofit organizations to help less fortunate students receive better education through tangible items and support. In certain areas of New Jersey, we found that besides helping students academically, we could help instill a new attitude towards learning, starting in young children, preferably kindergartners.

Our Purpose

We connected our selected MAD cards and communicated with each other about what we want our mission to be. Our team communication worked very well and we discovered our mission quickly. While researching organizations to reach out to I realized that the communication we used within our group will be extremely useful when we go out and talk to these organizations in person. All members of Edu-CARE are very invested in this mission and it great to see our growth throughout Main Street Philanthropy.

KinderCare’s Purpose

Our team, KinderCare, would like to focus on influencing young children’s education. In certain areas of New Jersey, we found that it is not the lack of schooling, it is also based on the family’s home life. Our goal is to assist them in any way we can.