Fundraising Blog Chris

There are many other students in this class that have many great ideas to fundraiser for these organizations. These are a can shake at a local dunkin, selling krispy Kreams, volleyball game, panera , and toiletry collecting. I think these are great ways to make money to donate to these organizations.

Second panel chris

During the second panel I was unable to be there for the whole little meeting. I missed a few important notes and wasn’t there to hear the organization fully through. I dont really remember what the organizations were but I really like the first panel people better because I felt like they talked more about the children.

Panel Chris

While we were doing the paneling with the other organizations it was very interesting to see what they organization are about and what they care for. I learned that many of these organization do similar coping methods for the children and all want the same outcome, children who are happy. I really like the Rainbows they seemed very genuine for there love for children and helping them.

Post 2nd panel

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the second charity panel but I have heard a lot of feedback from my classmates. Many showed a lot of interest in Embrace Relief and after researching it and looking at their mission statement I became very interested and was excited to start fundraising for them!

Blog #5 _Chris

I believe it is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because it is important to know and understand the company or the organization one is dealing with before investing in them. I learned that many of the organization were very large and they had many other similar organizations around the world. I find it a little bit difficult to evaluate the organizations for potential investments.

Fundraising Reflection

Planning the fundraisers has been really fun and so far the class has a lot done. My group, Triple R, has planned two fundraisers so far. One includes a toiletry drive for St.Peter’s orphanage in Denville and I helped write on the boxes to place them around the school. We have also organized at a Dunkin near our school where many students, from Triple R and other groups, have planned to participate. I love planning the fundraisers because I love the feeling of starting the action of helping all the charities and organizations!

Krispy Kreme

Our group decided on doing a Krispy Krispy fundraiser. We are selling a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for $10 each. This fundraiser will benefit all of the charities that came in for the panel discussion. I printed out order sheets for fundraising and procured a collection envelope for funds. I also decided that our group would be going around lunch and asking for donations.

It’s is important to look at the numbers of an organization before making an inverse meant for many reasons. I believe it is important to know because one would want know where there money is going, and how it will be distributed by the organization. During the panel we also talked about tax returns. Finding out whether the organization is non profit is actually easier then I thought. The form 990 really helped finding out the financial backings of these organization, and whether it is non profit. -Chris N

Fundraiser reflection

I really enjoyed working on the krispy kreme fundraiser, i am excited to work with the charities further

Fundraising Reflection

My group, Team Humanitarians will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts. I am actually the one who came up with the idea to fundraise via Krispy Kreme donut selling. Right now we are giving out forms to people to record their information and the quantity of donuts they want.

I am going to be helping make posters and promoting the fundraiser in school, and I will also be making contributions outside of school, seeing if my neighbors and family members would like to purchase donuts. I will be working on posters this weekend and look forward to fundraising money via donuts for

  • Embrace Relief
  • Cancer Hope Network
  • Good Grief
  • My Rainbows Place
  • The Chapel