Reflection on Contacting Organizations

To be honest, calling/contacting organizations is a meticulous process. Sometimes I do not get responses back from emails that I write. And sometimes the phone does not pick up for the specific people that we want to call. I did not think that it would be this difficult and almost one-sided this would be. As a group, we decided to change our purpose and our ideas on how to help these organizations because of the lack of excitement/unwillingness to participate that we have received about our initial idea from the organizations that we have contacted already.

We have had about two successful calls out of maybe six (?). Those successful calls were not made by me but my teammates and my teammates showed that they were comfortable enough to say what they had to say. I think that was one of the reasons we have had those few successful email responses back. I hope that my group and I will get more positive replies back now from the organizations that we have decided to change to. I hope that good luck will come to our side soon.


My group was able to connect with the cancer hope network. I feel like our call went well but I also feel like it could have gone better. Even though I only left a message I got overwhelmed and had to hand the phone over. They are interested in at the very least learning more about what we are trying to accomplish.

A Good First Phone Call

On Thursday 11/14 I got the chance to speak to a representative of one of the organizations my group had chosen. Initially I thought that the conversation was going to be awkward and I would not know what to say. I was really hesitant to pick up the phone, and as it rang I started to sweat bullets. It turned out to be the complete opposite. The person who I was speaking to was very helpful and gave me good information including contacts and dates that they could come in for the panel. Additionally, I was also effective at communicating our team’s goal on the phone, and the lady on the other end seemed satisfied with what I had told her. Making my first phone call gave me the confidence to make more phone calls in the future.

Blog #3- Charlotte

The charity research process was fun for me because I loved seeing how many charities there are available for people. When I looked up a cause, there would be several pages of charities to choose from. This made it difficult to pick just a few but it was also nice seeing there were so many to choose from. Creating a team name was easy for my group, because we all get along and have the same end goal. Our team name “triple R” stands for refresh, revive, restore and I think it is the perfect team name because it directly relates to our goals and what we want to do to help the community around us.


During our research to find the right charity we all had different ideas. Since we had all different ideas of what charities to help we decided to try to fuse all of our ideas together. Our idea was to help kids who are less fortunate then we are (orphanage) and bring them somewhere and teach them history of the place we decide to go. This to me is a great idea because we can help the kids get out and bring them somewhere and teach them things that they may not be focused on or knows much about.

-Chris N.

Mad Card Reflection

I found my experience with the MAD cards to easier for me than it was for my classmates. I knew which organizations/charities meant the most to me before we started the activity. It was interesting seeing what my partner picked because I didn’t agree, but I was able to respect his choices because every cause on the mad cards were important. I think overall it was a great experience and a chance for us to see what causes are closest to our hearts.

Charlotte- Brown paper bag

I really joined the Brown Paper Bag experiment because it gave me chance to really understand my classmates. It was cool to see that something could be so important to someone, but to you it could be something you don’t think twice about. We all seemed to have one common item, which was something to do with family. It led to a great conversation about family and what family means to us. It was a good bonding experience. – Charlotte

Blog #3

The charity research process was a great way to open up to new ideas and discover how others are making a difference. This process also helped my team and I find our inspiration for TIGA. Creating our team name did not take a lot of thought. However, the thought we put into the name was very organic and in my opinion, creative. We focused on the idea of the next generation as well as the hope to improve and inspire them to positively grow as individuals.

Blog #3

I do not know how we came up with out team name because I did not really help choose it. My experience looking for a charity was frustrating because I was interested in finding cancer related charities as someone who lost a loved one to cancer. It was very frustrating to see that so many of them were specific to children.

Researching a Charity and C.A.S.H. for a Cause

Finding a charity for our group was a surprisingly fun experience. We had a big list of around nine charities that each our group members had added to. It was a great experience discussing which charities we thought deserved to be on the list of the three main charities. But before all this we needed something to call our group so we settled on C.A.S.H. for a Cause. We took the first initials of our group members and that’s how we came up with C.A.S.H.