Positive Takeaways From Fundraising

To be completely honest, fundraising was an up and down rollercoaster ride for all students in the Capstone class, in my opinion. Personally, I had a reasonably fun time fundraising, making multiple rides to Krispy Kreme in Springfield to get donuts, and go back and forth to deliver them to students to purchase them. The entire process was fun, and while most students have yet to realize this, this is how the real world works. The world doesn’t revolve around us. We are ALL constantly going to be doing things for people we may like, may not like, or just completely despise. Regardless of what you want to do, you do things anyways regardless of what you think. I think the entire donut fundraising process gave us ALL as students an accurate real world experience of how things actually happen in a real workplace setting outside of a catered, pampered class where teachers are doing things for us, and us as students actually have to step up to the plate and do work.

I think most of us as students take this fundraising experience for granted, as we haven’t realized how such a real life experience we got from the Krispy Kreme donuts fundraising. Nothing in the real world is always going to be 100% set in stone, and we are all going to have to adapt to changes each and every day, and that’s what I have learned from this great fundraising experience. Maybe I didn’t love the entire experience, but I am 100% grateful and happy that I went through it anyways, because I will now be more prepared for the experience in a professional work field, and be able to adapt to new unexpected things.

All in all, my three positive takeaways from fundraising are:

  1. Gain professional, real world experiences in a work field, learn to adapt to new changes
  2. Improved communication as students, learned new skills that you can’t procrastinate in the real world outside of high school
  3. The entire experience proved to be fun, making multiple trips to Krispy Kreme, getting stuck in traffic, and enjoying the experience while it lasted.

fundraising blog

Fundraising was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed feeling like I was doing something to help people.

10- Fundraising and Positive Takeaways

Despite the miscommunications, I genuinely enjoyed our time fundraising with our class. First, I enjoyed increasing and focusing on the positives. In our senior year, I believe it is very easy to slip into entitlement and focusing on the negatives. However, I really did enjoy focusing on the positives and believe it impacted me greatly. Secondly, I liked being able to physically fundraise for such a great cause. I had never really done a fundraiser for school , but it was a very enjoyable experience overall. Thirdly, I loved learning about others in our groups and even people in other groups. Lastly, I particularly liked the discussions we had post-fundraising because I learned a lot about real-world experiences and how it will be in the working field and in the future. I have learned that working with others is not as easy as I thought and doing it yourself is not always the best answer.

Fundraising Positive Takeaways

Overall, my fundraising experience has been very positive. I enjoy working along side my peers and I think it’s really cool to see how much we can do and how much money we can raise. I really enjoyed doing the can shake with Alex. We got to Dunkin Donuts at 8:00 am and started collecting money for Embrace Relief right away. I loved telling people Embrace Reliefs mission statement when people asked what the fundraiser was for. I think Embrace Relief is a great organization that supplies clean water and disaster relief to third- world countries, I loved fundraising for them. The fundraisers also helped us improve our work ethics and help us experience more real-word experiences. I am very thankful to be able to help these amazing organizations!

About Fundraisers and Positive Takeaways

Personally, I have never fundraised before (at least successfully) so to have been included in this fundraiser experience was something. Through fundraising, I learned a lot about my other classmates and about their strengths and characters. Some of my classmates, I have never shared a class with in my four years here so it was nice to experience talking with them and working towards a similar goal. I also involved myself in the real world through this fundraiser experience as I tried to persuade underclassmen into buying donuts from us as well as design flyers by a deadline. I also find interacting with underclassmen as a benefit since I have never personally thought to reach out to them. As of now, I have a couple of good friends that I have made through the Krispy Kreme fundraiser (since they bought from us seniors). In general, the fundraiser was alright but I wished I pushed myself to be more involved in it. There was a lot of work and burden on other members of the Krispy Kreme fundraiser and I wished that I could have mitigated that.

Fundraising Blog

My specific point or comment about the fundraising experience is that it helps with future skills and social interaction. I find that the class discussions do not really help as it ends up in negativity and no specific way to actually fix the problem at hand. The problem at hand is the fact that no one has the time to simply fund-raise for money. Which is understandable, considering it is senior year and a lot is going on with college, scholarships and other extracurricular activities. However, even though this is only one problem throughout the experience, we have learned more than we think. Some positive takeaways I have gained from this class includes time management, learning my own strengths and weaknesses and working well with others. Throughout this class we have been given multiple projects such as fundraising, CTE showcase and blogs at the same time. Some people may find this overwhelming however, throughout the process I learned how to manage my time wisely between each project getting it done efficiently and on time. I learn my own strengths and weakness as I go throughout this class, learning what I can and can’t do to benefit my self, others and the fundraising project as a whole. Finally I learned how to work well with others even if personalities clashed. I learned how to be efficient and work hard in order to gain the grade I deserve. Even though this class did have some bumps along the way I have gained important positive takeaways that will stay with me for rest of my life.

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Going through this process I have learned lots of things. I think the more we went into doing the fundraising we ended up splitting up the groups by work ethic rather then morals. By working like that there was more positives then negatives. One of my main takeaways from this project was time management. On top of doing fundraising we also did other projects for capstone, we also had to help with other groups, so time management was a huge thing that I worked on. Another main point was teamwork and team bonding. With this class there are so many different personality’s and having that helped me learn how to work better with other. Like when a good time to talk is, when to keep some points to myself, and also how to make things that are negative into positives. Last thing that I have learned was real world experiences. Working with everyone being able to run things on our own, having multiple things to do at once. Those are all things we are going to have to do when going to work. Having to make phone calls to people and send emails, figuring out what we care about, all of these things are real world experiences. Throughout this class there were negatives but doing this blog made me realize that those can all be turned into positives for myself.

Fundraising takeaway

Working as a class, together we have come up with four to five groups that have created their own fundraiser. Being able to work with who we want and being able to create our own fundraiser is very fun, it gives us independence to plan everything as a group. With that, we are also gaining real world experience that brings us ahead of the game for our future. Our class has come up with amazing ideas that we are working on pursuing; selling donuts and chocolate; Family Feud Night, Can shakes and more! With having so many different fundraisers we have also learned how to use our time wisely; After having a few bumps in the road with organization, we have come up with a better plan, which so far is going is good.

Fundraising Experience

Throughout this experience, I have learned many things about myself and the criteria of this class. For one thing, we have learned to manage our time wisely, and work to achieve our goals in a timely manner. Along with this, our work efforts have greatly increased making it easier to work together as groups to fundraise for our charities. We have begun to value each others’ trust which created a healthier environment for creating positive impacts on others while giving to the charities in need. We have had many fun and interesting conversations that led to improved communication among peers we may have differing opinions with. Overall, this class has taught not only me, but my class various important skills that will help us with our fundraising and future encounters.

positive takeaways – Chris

As this portion of our class comes to an end, the fundraisers we came up with are can shakes, selling krispy creams, and chocolate. These were easy efficient ways to come up with money for the organizations we plan on sending money to. These fundraisers are really helpful because in school everyone loves food so when we incorporate food and benefitting others they sell out faster. 3 positive things that I enjoy about capstone is that it is very student based, meaning the students come up with what we want to do, and we plan everything (the students are the planners and organizers). We are aloud to express our opinions in a non attacking manner and everyone mainly respects what we all have to say. This is important because I feel that all these talks and small circle chats about expressing our opinions were good lessons teaching us to express what we think in a respectful manner. Lastly a positive takeaway is that the teachers are always there to give advice for everything.