Final Blog!

I truly enjoyed the months spent working with MSP and in the Senior Capstone class. I believe my perspective has not changed because giving was instilled into me from a young age, but my knowledge on how to give definitely has. I have learned the ins and out of what it takes to give not only money, but your time, something extremely valuable in today’s world. I am extremely appreciative of Mrs. Hietanen, Ms. Pascale, and Yale for allowing me to not only learn, but also enjoy the experience of learning.

The current situation raises a lot questions and concerns in everyone’s minds. However, I believe it has given the chance for everyone to reflect on how blessed we are and how we can be creative in the ways that we give. Giving does not always just mean writing a paycheck, almost anyone can do that. Giving can mean reaching out to a friend in need during this or anytime, it can mean stopping on the side of the road to help someone that is stuck, and it can even mean praying for someone when they are going through a rough period in their lives. Personally, I love giving and even more, I love sharing the Word of God WHILE giving. He has truly blessed me and I should give back to Him by giving back to the people around me in whatever way I can.

Two things that I will remember most about this time of giving is the structure that came with our giving and the people around me. I will always remember how we took lots of time before actually getting into the action of giving to plan and prepare. Also, I will remember the people around me in this time. I believe giving requires some amount of willpower. Reflecting on your own life is so relevant because anyone could say “I am so poor, how must I also give?” but in reality, you are rich. Rich in love, a family, food everyday, a phone! We must always think with perspective because there are always people that are less fortunate than us that we can give not just money, but time and our loving hearts to. This requires willpower and something inside of you.

Thank you to Yale, Mrs. Hietanen, and Ms. Pascale!!!

Final Blog

After this year has opened many more opportunities to educate myself on charities through this organization, I believe I can say that not much of my views on making a difference have changed. I have always been interested in this sort of work and it wasn’t my first time doing it. i am grateful for the places that we were introduced to though. I will always want to help where I know who needs it and don’t think i should have to choose. Especially with the pandemic, i know there are many branches to the problems who all need help in different ways. I cant help with all of the branches of that–but there are people who can. charity is about unity and communal efforts.

Final Blog

I always will take my chance to give to others no matter what, always have always will, this class has really not affected me at all.

this pandemic has not changed my mind at all

I don’t think i can say what i would remember most about this class

MSP Exit Blog

When it comes to giving and making a difference, my perspective has definitely changed. I honestly went from not caring much about philanthropy and charities to gaining a new appreciation for philanthropy. Going forward, because of the wonderful experience I had with MSP, I am now way more likely to not only donate money to a charity but also give my time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed everyone’s lives. It has also ruined many people’s lives. Whether it be through losing jobs or losing loved ones; the pandemic has left its mark on the world. It has also made me realize that I could definitely do more in terms of giving to others. I will be sure to leave a bigger tip the next time I can eat out because I know a good tip can make someone’s day.

I will remember the teamwork and collaboration the most. Working with fellow students and learning everyone’s strengths and flaws has given me a taste of how life is going to be out in the “real world”. I will also remember the discussions we had with the members of the charities during the panel classes…and the pizza. Thank you Yale and thank you MSP.

Final blog/experience

Main street Philanthropy and Capstone have helped me look at fundraising and giving back to the community in a different way. I’ve learned through these experiences that it doesn’t always have to be money. This was an important realization to me because I’m young and I don’t always have money that I can give to charities and organizations that I support. I learned that I could use my time and volunteer and in some cases that could be more help than money! I was happy that Main Street Philanthropy opened my eyes to several different ways I could help organizations close to my heart. This pandemic has also changed my perspective because it has effected so many people around the world. During this time I realized how important it is to donate to food pantries because there are so many people struggling to get food and other essential things. I will remember many things from my experience with MSP and Capstone but I will always remember that there is ALWAYS a gave to give back to your community and that it is not always about money.

My Final Blog

When it comes to giving and making a difference, yes, I do feel that my perspective has changed a good amount following my Main St. Philanthropy/Capstone experience. I believe the experience as a whole has helped me to think and be more empathetic as a person, as well as volunteer, donate, and give back to organizations. people, and causes that I personally believe in and care about, rather than causes people tell me I SHOULD care about. I really do think differently now of how I want to spend my free time, and have realized that many of us live such a privileged life, and there are so many people suffering that don’t have the priveleges we have like education, a home to live in, food and water to drink, and more. So, instead of spending just my free time to work on things that I can benefit from for myself, I also like to think of and accomplish ways I can help others who are less fortunate and less privleged of the privileges many of us have that others do not have. Thus, I try to spend some time each week seeing where local blood drives may be held, certain cancer research organizations I can donate to, and possible food pantries I can volunteer for homeless people.

The entire experience has really helped me think about the choices I make both financially as well as how I want to help give back to the causes I believe in strategically. What I mean by this, is that from the experience, I now feel comfortable helping and giving back to causes that I believe in, like donating blood, cancer research organizations, and wounded veterans organizations, without feeling forced or peer pressured to donate to charities/organizations that people THINK or WANT me to donate to.

YES, the pandemic has DEFINITELY changed my feelings and relationship towards personal giving. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I really started to realize and appreciate all that our medical workers do for us in hospitals and nursing homes. They have and will be continuing to risk their lives everyday during a worldwide pandemic to care for US as people, and take care of us. I wanted to find a way I could help “give back” or “support” all the medical workers helping save lives during this scary pandemic, so I created a footwear collection for them that will better improve how they feel after a long day at work.

I really wanted to put these shoes into production and actually manufacture them for our medical workers, but it so expensive, so it is not the biggest possibility it happens. Regardless, I really hope medical workers can see some form of appreciation from not just me, but everybody during this pandemic, and see that we admire, value, and cherish all they have, and will continue to do for us.

What I’ll remember most from this entire experience is that I now think differently and more positively about how I approach philanthropy, and I am much more strategic in organizations, charities, causes, people, etc, that I want to help. and support. I have also learned to not just invest into myself and my future, but also into others and and others’ future because when people unite and work together, bigger things can be accomplished that can help change the world.

The Year’s Coming to A Close

When it comes to giving and making a difference, I think being a part of this Main St. Philanthropy and Capstone experience has made me realize how easy it relatively is to reach out to organizations. As someone who has never reached out to nonprofits before, I thought that adults had to go through some sort of process to be in contact with organizations but it really is a sit-and-wait game via calling or emailing. In the future, should I ever pursue contacting a nonprofit or needing to, I believe it’ll be a lot more easier and less stressful just because of this experience I have had through this class.

As we are now experiencing the tumultuous consequences of a global pandemic, I feel the urge to help others. Although it is cliche, I have seen the wishes and efforts made by philanthropic neighbors, family friends, teachers, and friends to help others. I have seen how touched the people who receive these wishes and efforts feel. I have been ONE of those people who had people ask me that if I ever need anything that they are one text away. I had never felt so cared for and loved than during these difficult times. Really, if I had all the resources in the world to give out, I would like to gift them to people who look like they could use them. I hope that everyone could experience what it feels like to have someone look out for them — even if they receive just a small text asking how they are doing — because it is one of the best feelings in the world.

Reflecting on the year that was spent together, I think I will always remember our panel class that we had with our charities. That was my first time formally talking face-to-face with organization representatives and it was not as intimidating as I thought. Talking to adults this easily, it made me believe that I could also be comfortable in doing that in the near future as well. I will also remember that although there are very righteous causes that nonprofits advocate for, it does not necessarily mean they have all the financial support to uphold themselves. Like My Rainbows Place, they support children and young adolescents who deal with loss in their lives but they only get funding through donations which is very little. I hope that organizations like this can receive awareness for their causes and attain much more funding in the future!

Final Blog

-When it comes to giving and making a difference, do you feel that your perspective has changed at all following your Main St. Philanthropy/Capstone experience? If so, how? And how might that effect your behavior going forward?

I do not think that my perspective has changed I always donate and help people. I think that I have a positive outlook on giving and making a difference when it comes to the things I agree on.

-Has the pandemic environment we find ourselves in changed your feelings or your relationship towards your personal giving? If so, how?

No I have been giving and making masks and donating in every way possible on my own time. Whether it was a pandemic or not I am always helping in ways that I can.

-What will you remember most about this experience?

I think what I will remember most is the panel. I think hearing first hand about what they had to say was very interesting. And hearing how and why they got started in what they were doing. I think if more people heard what they had to say more people would help and donate and do things to help people and communities.

Final Blog of 2020

I think my perspective of giving and volunteering to my community has either stayed the same or changed in a positive way. By working with Main Street Philanthropy I learned so much from the charity’s financial forms to starting conversation and making connections. Working with them have helped me in a positive way and helped me grow for future meetings with different charities I would like to pursue or volunteer in. Originally I would have only looked into what the organization did physical, however, my perspective changed when we started looking into their financials. When we started looking into how much money the company put into the organization it self and how much money they put into the problem at hand really helped me understand the overall processes and work that goes into running a charity. This allowed me to have a better view on what charities I want to pursue in the future.

The pandemic currently going on has not changed my perspective to giving to my community. I think in fact it made my will to give to others stronger. I understand that some people right now are less fortunate than I am and by helping any way I can to my community during these rough times is something that I prioritize in my day to day life. I think during this time of troubles it is important that we all lean on each other for help. Whether it is social distancing, donating food or creating masks for healthcare workers, every bit of kindness pushes us one step further to getting through this disease as a whole community instead of pushing through alone.

I will remember most about this experience is the hard work and connections I built with each organization. I hope that once we are past Covid-19 and volunteering begins to open up that I will start getting in contact with organizations as they may need people to help out. I am glad that I was able to build a relationship and connection with some of these organizations so in the future I can be apart of their community and helping them along the way.

Positive Takeaways From Fundraising

To be completely honest, fundraising was an up and down rollercoaster ride for all students in the Capstone class, in my opinion. Personally, I had a reasonably fun time fundraising, making multiple rides to Krispy Kreme in Springfield to get donuts, and go back and forth to deliver them to students to purchase them. The entire process was fun, and while most students have yet to realize this, this is how the real world works. The world doesn’t revolve around us. We are ALL constantly going to be doing things for people we may like, may not like, or just completely despise. Regardless of what you want to do, you do things anyways regardless of what you think. I think the entire donut fundraising process gave us ALL as students an accurate real world experience of how things actually happen in a real workplace setting outside of a catered, pampered class where teachers are doing things for us, and us as students actually have to step up to the plate and do work.

I think most of us as students take this fundraising experience for granted, as we haven’t realized how such a real life experience we got from the Krispy Kreme donuts fundraising. Nothing in the real world is always going to be 100% set in stone, and we are all going to have to adapt to changes each and every day, and that’s what I have learned from this great fundraising experience. Maybe I didn’t love the entire experience, but I am 100% grateful and happy that I went through it anyways, because I will now be more prepared for the experience in a professional work field, and be able to adapt to new unexpected things.

All in all, my three positive takeaways from fundraising are:

  1. Gain professional, real world experiences in a work field, learn to adapt to new changes
  2. Improved communication as students, learned new skills that you can’t procrastinate in the real world outside of high school
  3. The entire experience proved to be fun, making multiple trips to Krispy Kreme, getting stuck in traffic, and enjoying the experience while it lasted.