Week 3- Austin Fischer

Our purpose and vision for this is to help the environment and give back to organizations that will need funding to continue growing. These are important because its hard for teenager to be able to give back on such a huge level. We have a unique opportunity where we can give back to the community and that very important. I think that the company will be very grateful that there are people in her community that are looking out for the environment. I also think that the organization will be please with the amount of actions are group plans on taking to make a large donations.


Austin Fischer

Allyana Marx-Week 2

The brown paper bag activity made me think about what how I saw myself and what I thought described me. I noticed that a lot of people did things like headphones or their phone, this didn’t surprise me much though. Technology is a big part of our society today and many teenagers use music as a way to cope through situations. A few people put in things that showed what they wanted to be when they grew up or what they currently do for their job. We originally wanted to sell candy canes, but not many people seem to eat them so we decided to change it to caramel apple suckers. We are hoping to sell them through the school and around town by going into establishments. I was talking to my mom about school and I brought up Main Street Philanthropy. She had never heard of it but once I explained it she was glad that it was something the class included.  

Week 3 – Andrew Carlton

This week in Main Street Philanthropy we started planning for our fundraiser. We made purpose, mission, and vision statements to help us find our purpose. It was very interesting to really think about why we are doing this. Our visuals were almost all the same. Our mission and purpose were mainly the same, but we had to clarify with each other. I believe these are important because if we don’t know what our purpose, mission, and vision are, then we shouldn’t even be doing this. If we get our outline right now, then we can tell people why we are doing it and our goals so they will be more likely to buy it. “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.” If we follow this quote, then we will succeed.


I believe I will encounter some difficulties and challenges. There will be some organizations that are tough to contact because they might be booked with calls that week. But I also believe that we will find that perfect organization that will be totally willing to do this. I expect some really nice people since they volunteer most of their time to these organizations. I am looking forward to making these phone calls and talking to these generous people.

Week 3- Creating Our Mission Statement

Our group experience of creating our purpose, visions, and mission statements went really smoothly, especially being that we are still a new group and don’t share all the same ideas. Since we were able to get things accomplished efficiently, this is good news for our group. There hasn’t been any arguing or times where anyone felt left out or unimportant. Our group is inclusive and cooperative and for these reasons, I feel like our MSP project will be successful.  This is pretty cool considering none of us really hang out in the same friend groups and didn’t know we had much in common until this assignment. I expect the organizations that we reach out to this week to be excited about the ideas we offer to them. They will probably be appreciative and think it is cool that high schoolers are getting involved with these real world issues.

Week 3-Brandi Geldnich

My experience in creating our purpose is showing me that the motivational drive you have toward a goal can be exciting. It also helps you have the opportunity to take the time to thoroughly plan out how we are going to make a difference by being given class time. While we were discussing what we want to accomplish. It was clear that it was important to know what you are doing to have the ability to start earning money to help support our cause. If you were to have no sense of direction then you will never succeed. It is important to have these statements figured out to exceed what we plan to get out of donating to the organizations.


I expect to encounter people taking leadership by following through with their roles in our group and contacting the organizations.  I hope that the organizations are willing to allow us to donate. I hope we will get responses of the organizations that are more than willing to help us and work with us. I hope they think our ideas are worthy enough and hope that they can allow us to make a difference and donate for a positive cause.


Allyana Marx-Week 3

With college right around the corner I’ve been looking at what I want to do as a profession. I’ve decided on a social worker and with that it makes me want to help as many people as I can. So when we started this project I was excited to start helping kids as soon as I could. We are looking at donating the money we raise to Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters or Family Promise. These groups play a big role in taking care of children and trying to shape them into good people. We want to sell caramel apple suckers as well as create a drink at coffee corner to try and raise as much money as possible. I think that contacting the groups we would like to donate to will go very well. Non-profit organizations are always in need of donations because there’s always people who need help, so i’m excited to contact them.

Allyana Marx-Week 1

The Make A Difference or MAD cards were meant to show us how many problems there are in the world and that there’s never enough resources to help everyone. As we were sharing our what cards we deemed the most important we talked about how hard it was because they are all important, and only picking 5 seemed wrong. Weston and I tried to pick out the ones that covered more of a broad topic because many of the cards overlapped. I already knew what types of things I believe to be important so that wasn’t much of a surprise, and I figured that Weston would have similar views. When I go to college I would like to be a social worker because they are helping people who can’t help themselves. Main Street Philanthropy will help me to go out and actually make a difference not just sit around waiting for someone else to do it.

Devin Schneider Week #2

During our brown paper bag activity I learned that every person had roughly the same values with a little variation. Most people brought in some form of entertainment, earbuds being the most the common form. I brought in one from this category that was also a representation for education: a book. A lot of people had put their phone in their bag, which they probably put in as they forgot about their bag, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t put my phone in my bag as I am not nearly on my phone enough for it to be symbolic of me. A lot of people also had something of their family or hobby item that they do.

Our team fundraiser will be for the KAA and we will be having 50/50 raffles during the boy’s varsity basketball games.

When I told people about Main Street Philanthropy they were excited, and thought it was a cool idea. They like the idea of being generous and donating especially during the holiday season.

Morgan Wittig- Week 2

During the Brown Paper Bag activity I learned about some of the things that are most important in my classmate’s lives. The majority of the things that they shared I was not aware of so it was nice to learn and get a perspective of how they spend their time and the things that they care about the most. The majority of the class was interested in music, phones, and family. By sharing those things, it shows that as a class, even though we aren’t all the same, we have some of the same interests. Our team fundraiser is called the “Donation Doctors” and we will be raising money for Children’s Hospital in hopes of meeting a goal. If we meet that goal, we will shave a teacher’s head. We will have the fundraiser open for a majority of the trimester. My aunt works for a hospital in Milwaukee and I shared our ideas with her and she is very interested and excited to see how it turns out for us.

Week 2-Konrad Krueger

This week in Main Street Philanthropy we did the whats in the bag activity. We all brought 3 things from home that means something dearly to you. Somethings that I brought from home were my phone, headphones, and shoes. I brought my phone because I always have it with me, and I`m always on it. My headphones I always use, I`m always using it for when I work out, doing homework, and other activities. My shoes are just one of my favorite things. I have many shoes, so I just thought it represented me as a whole. This activity helped me get to know my classmates too. I got to know what things they hold deeply to there self.