Week Three Stephanie Lauters

My group got together and all agreed on our mission statements of helping the veterans. Not just helping any veterans but helping veterans in need. They were important to us because then we know exactly what charity’s we can look at and start doing research on them. I think we will encounter the organization and they will be happy to hear we would like to donate to them.

Week Two Stephanie Lauters

Week two we did this brown paper bag activity where you had to bring three things in your paper bag that represent yourself. I didn’t learn much about myself because I know who I am and some others I learned about. I learned interests about some people I didn’t really know and how I have common interests with some others. Many of the people I do know so I didn’t learn much new information from them. Our group is the Helping Heroes and we were thinking about doing a pancake breakfast to raise money for the veterans. We thought about doing it during Christmas break but we are still deciding all the details and how we are going to do it. I talked to my family about main street and they thought it was a good idea to have class that is doing this. They thought it was nice there was a class that can show students and have students understand charities and what they can do to help.


Week One Stephanie Lauters

The first week of main street philanthropy we used the MAD cards which are the make a difference cards. These cards had issues that need to be recognized. After viewing all of the cards you had to pick your top three. I chose health research, hunger and veterans. These are all things I thought were important in my opinion. I always thought that healthcare was important. Some people surprised me on their top three and thought differently. This showed me how some others feel about different awareness’s. I hope to gain a better outlook on these awareness’s and see how I can make a difference. I hope to be able to understand more.


Week 10 – Jay Horning

I will defiantly remember this class in the future because I know that I helped someone in need out and that feels good. In the future I will defiantly want to help more people in need because that is how to be a good leader to help out others. I will go into things having a better attitude because then it will only be better.

Week 10 Michaela Frazier

I will remember how much of an impact all the groups made on others lives, and their smiles. Main Street showed us how to do this, how to put a smile on someone else’s faces other than ours. Which is a good attribute to have, to have happiness when others are happy. Main Street layed out the steps for getting us to a better future.


Main Street impacted me by giving me the opportunity to reach out and help others who don’t get the same amenities we do on the daily. They gave us many points of views of life, and it personally helped me understand where some people are coming from. You become more open minded. In the future, I will definitely donate to an organization that matches with my beliefs, and shows what they need and why.


MSP influenced me to become more well rounded and understand other points of views on life and hope it affects everyone as a whole. So, yes. They have.


It will help me with experience with colleges and acceptance. Also with everyday life. All the steps leading to where I have gotten now, have showed me that I am growing into a better person. MSP has been a good tool for how I want my life to go.

Week 7 Blog. Michaela Frazier

When going through the motions of giving and being caring, it has been very easy for me. My mother had morals of the ones we were given in class, so most of that came naturally for me. To understand how to be courageous, persevere, sacrifice, all of it. So when we were giving, it was a refreshing moment.


Our group, was ready. We knew exactly who we wanted to donate to, and the reasons why. We contemplated all the reasons we wanted to donate and if they truly needed our money verses another organization. We ended up giving to an organization that didn’t get much donations, or had a significant income flow. They helped with children with autism, and we ended up raising around $730.00 all together. That went towards On the spectrum.They are a smaller organization who are just starting up and are local. They want to stay local to help out their fellow neighbors and family.    


Week 10

I really enjoyed this class. I loved all the friendly people. Giving money to the organizations we donated to made me feel very satisfied. I didn’t know that a leader needed so many traits. I thought a leader was just a leader nothing else. Knowing that a leader needs loyalty , respect , responsibility and etc it shocked me. This class showed me that being a leader is a pretty easy job , if you know what your doing. Overall I had an amazing experience and anybody who joins this class will love it!

Week 4 – Cheyenne Fox

As a group we have not picked an organization yet, but all the organizations that we have looked at are dealing with family services. The amount of money that an organization spends and gives is very important, because it shows what kind of organization they are.

Week 10 – Cheyenne Fox

The thing that I will remember the most about Main Street Philanthropy is all the good that we did for our community. This program has made me want to give more in the future. I do believe that Main Street Philanthropy will influence my future decisions to give, because I will know what to look for in an organization, and I will be more willing to give my money and time. I will use this experience to show others all the good that we have done, and to show all the good I would still like to do. I do think that this will make me better at what I do, because doing good makes people feel good, and in turn will make people want to do more, and become better.  

Week 9 – Cheyenne Fox

I loved delivering the checks to the organizations. Seeing their reactions to how much we raised was pericles. I will remember the most when Frankie did a handstand for up at Emery’s bike shop.