Week 2

I learned that in our group we have a lot of people who feel that family is important to them. I also learned that not only is my group similar, but so are my classmates and I. We all learned something about each other and what we value.

Our team is going to be fundraising to children in need and terminally ill children. We have decided that we would be interested in donating to Make a Wish foundation and possibly more of a small organization around the area.

When I told three people about Main Street Philanthropy they all roughly had the same response. Most responded with that it seemed interesting and it was great experience for high schoolers could take on a bigger role in the community and help others in a variety of ways. My mom is the one who had said the most about it; saying it was a great experience and that teaching people leadership skills and to give back at a young age is a great opportunity for them to reflect on and use in the future.

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