Week 2

1) I learned that I have more in common with my classmates than I thought. Almost all of us really value our families and are very passionate about our hobbies.
2) Our group is called Family Focus. We will be selling cookies to benefit Make a Wish for about the first two weeks after Christmas break is over.
3) I told my dad, a coworker, and another friend of mine about MSP. All of them said it was a really great unique program for our school to do and that it sounded like a really rewarding experience to be a part of.

Week 1 – Grace Merkt

Definition of Philanthropy:
Philanthropy is doing charitable things for other people, organizations, and causes to ensure their wellness, especially in monetary contributions.

What I thought about the MAD Cards:
I liked the activity. It was interesting to see all the ways that you can contribute to society by means of philanthropy. I am very excited to do something that will make a real impact on other people, and this activity put everything into perspective. So many things need to be improved in our society and it was great to take the first step in being part of that.