Week 2

1. I learned that for many people in this class, there is many things that i didn’t know about them.
2. What our group has decided is to sell wristbands to raise money for children in need. The organization our group is thinking about donating to is the Make A Wish foundation.
3. I talked to my dad, my mom, and my friend about this and I got almost the same response from each person. Each one thought it was very cool to put this into a class, and it’s amazing what we’re doing because many people are less fortunate and will be thankful for what we’re doing, whether we realize it or not.

Week 1 – Alex Vogt

I found the MAD card activity fairly easy. While filling it out I realized how many people and organizations there are that need help. But while filling it out I found it easy, because there were three that stood out to me. I enjoyed this and it made me reflect on how i can give my time and money to other people.