Week 2

I learned that I am similar to my classmates because their were a lot of people who said that family and religion were important to them just like me. We are going to sell wristbands and we are going to sell them the whole time. We are going to fundraiser for children in need. We are thinking about raising money for Make a Wish. I talked to my mom about Main Street Philanthropy and she said that it was a really cool opportunity. I also told my friends about it and they said that they would buy whatever I sold.

week 1- Hailey Schicker

Did you think the MAD cards were hard or easy?

I think that the MAD cards were difficult to pick from because there was a lot to choose from and I would love to help all of the charity’s.

What do you plan to gain from participating in MSP?

I few things that I want to get from Main Street Philanthropy is to build on my leadership skills, be more comfortable talking in front of people, and to help/raise as much money for my charity.