Week 2

1.) For the paper bag activity I learned a lot of new things about people in my class. I also found out that within our class there is a lot of people with the same interests for certain things.
2.) For our team we are going to go with more of a donation route to try and help support the theatre. We are also going to find a way to incorporate the people who donated into the theatre.
3.) I told my mom, dad, and one of my friends, they all thought that it was a pretty cool thing to have in a class. They think that their should be more classes and things like this that is taught in schools everywhere.

Week 1- Shawn O’Keefe

How did I feel about the mad cards? I think that for me personally it was easy to figure out my three main causes. I picked causes that involved the environment as well as animals. In the Main street Philanthropy part of the class I want to learn good ways to get people to donate money and also donate to a cause that really matters to me.