Week 2

In doing the paper bag activity I have learned that a lot of our class has similar interests; family, friends, sports and music. Within my group, there is a variety of specific interests and talents, but we are all passionate about raising money for medical research, especially diabetes.

We have chosen to hold a 50/50 raffle at home wrestling meets and create a GoFundMe account to ask our family/friends/community members to donate to.

I have told my parents about this project and they think it is good to see my generation giving back to our community and the people in it. They hope to continue to see good things about this class and maybe even our group specifically in the near future. The third person I told was my aunt, who like our group member Calvin, has type 1 diabetes. She was excited to hear that we chose that cause to fundraise for because she could relate to Calvin with the difficulties that come with having the disease. She will likely donate to our GoFundMe and encourage people she knows to do so as well.

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