Week 2

I learned that Brandi values friends very highly. Micheal values food in his life. Last but not least, Cole values baseball in his life.

We decided that we would help out a non-profit organization dealing with mental disabilities because all of us felt very inclined to help these kind of people out. We looked at Goodwill, Threshold, and the YMCA for possible donation spots. We will most likely donate the money to the Threshold because they help out a lot more disabled people. To raise money, we will run a 50/50 raffle at basketball games.

My father thinks this is a great organization and is excited to hear more from this. I told Seth Bartelt and he told me he did it in the past and said he had a blast doing it. I also talked to my boss about it and he said that it was a great way to donate during Christmas, because he donates money as well during the holidays.

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