Week 2 – Brown Bag

When we did the brown paper bag activity, I learned that there are tons of kids that listen to music, I was pretty sure of this already, but the amount of kids that brought in their earbuds was still surprising to me.

Our team fundraiser will be raising money for the Kewaskum Food Pantry. On December 17th, from 9am-1pm, we plan to sell christmas cookies and puppy chow at the local Piggly Wiggly, and then the money that we make off of that will go to the food pantry. After school on Thursday my group will be baking the cookies that we will sell the following Saturday.

The three people that I talked to about Main Street Philanthropy were my dad, and two of my close friends. My dad was happy to hear that this group aims to help get checks into the hands of local charities, while my two friends were both happy to hear that MSP is something that is being held right here, in our very school.

MAD Card Review – Jack Paul

I personally thought that prioritizing the MAD cards was a very important exercise for us to do, because it made most of us think very hard as to what matters to us, and what is the absolute most important to us. My group said that hunger was the most important issue , because we thought that hunger had the most direct and immediate effect on people’s lives. For the same reason, we also choose housing/shelter, and medical welfare as our other two cards in the top three, because without a place to protect you from the elements, you are subject to many different infections, and are more likely to receive damage to your organs due to over-exposure to extreme temperatures. Medical welfare is also very important because it provides medical care to everyone, which to our group is vital, especially to anyone who plans on actually living, and not dying due to the inability to receive proper medical care when required. When you have to prioritize what matters most to you, you start to really realize what you do genuinely care about, and what you couldn’t care less about, because once you know what you do┬ácare about, you know how and where you should spend your time trying to improve society.