Week 2

From the paper bag exercise I learned that I value my pets quite a bit. I learned that my classmates really enjoy music. I am in group 4. Our idea was to either sell T-shirts or to all pitch in $50.00 because there is 6 of us. Therefore it would make $300.00. We thought about giving money because we all support the Veterans in our own way. Veteran services are important to our group so donating our self, in my opinion, would show we support ourselves.

Week 1 – MAD Cards

During the mad card review I learned that I am really intrigued in helping others. For example the three cards I picked were Hunger, Special Ed services and Veteran Support. I picked Hunger because it is a huge problem worldwide. I picked Special Ed Services because those children/adults deserve all the help they need. I then picked Veteran Support because the Vets serve our country for our freedom. The deserve as much as they can get also. What I want to get out of this is, I want to become a better leader. I also want to become more educated in the leaders of America.