Week 2

During this “BROWN PAPER BAG” experiment I learned that i am very lazy because i didn’t bring anything in. I learned that a lot of people like money and food. Our fund raiser will be all of us donating 50$ to our cause or being ubers.

MAD card review – Mitchel Lang

During the MAD card review i picked the three choices; Veteran support, hunger, and housing. I picked Veteran support because I’m enlisted and I want your money. I picked hunger because it is a major issue in today’s society and needs to be brought to someones attention. Many people die from hunger in foreign countries. Lastly, I picked Housing because this is also a big problem now days. Many veterans are homeless too, they should be in a better situation than that. I learned through out this MAD card activity that there are many issues in today’s world that need to be changed.