Week 2

I learned that a lot of other people in the class also listen to music a lot. Most of the objects that were brought in were repeated somewhere in the class. As for our fundraiser we are planning on selling cookies at Piggly Wiggly on Saturday from 9am to 1pm. We are also thinking of selling other things as well to insure we reach the goal of $300. I told my mom and dad about what Main Street Philanthropy is all about and they both agreed that what they do is great and that having this opportunity is amazing. The other person I told was my friend and she said she really liked the sound of Main Street and just the class itself so she was considering taking it next year.

Week 1

I learned that I would rather help and work with people rather than help with the environment. Not saying that working with animals or helping the environment isn’t important, but I feel that people are more important. We are the ones who keep things running in the world and without a stable society things wouldn’t be the same. I hope to learn more about charities and what they all do to support the ones that they’re trying to help. Also what we can do to help them on their mission.