Week 2

I learned that a lot of my classmates like to listen to music and play sports. I also learned that my group and I have some things in common, for example, we all enjoy playing sports.

Our team is going to sell Kewaskum wristbands. We will sell them at school sporting events, in the school, and possibly throughout Kewaskum.

I talked to my parents and one of my sisters about Main Street Philanthropy. They all thought that it is all a very good thing to be doing and will teach us very valuable things. They also said that this is a great opportunity for us.

MAD Card Review – Kennedy Lehn

I learned more about what type of things interest me and what matters to me. I understand more of what I am passionate about when it comes to helping out. Thinking about a few of the MAD cards, I realized more about how thankful I am for the life I live, that has had very few, if any, major complications. One of the MAD cards that intrigued me was the Emergency and Disaster Relief. I feel that if something bad would happen, for example a wildfire, tornado, tsunami, etc, and you were left with little to nothing, it would be very devastating. I can’t fully understand how bad it is because it has never happened to me, but I can imagine it would be very terrible to say the least. Imagine having your home and all your belongings taken from you and a lot of money with it. You would be living a good, successful, and happy life to just have it all taken from you. Emergency and Disaster Relief would majorly help with situations like this, which is why I want to learn more about how I can help Emergency and Disaster Relief programs. I want to learn more about how I can help this community, this country, and the whole world.