Week 2

1. What people value and what they find important to them and that a lot of people like music.
2. 50/50 Raffle at wrestling matches.
3. 1. Mother, she really didn’t care about the whole philanthropy or Giving back thing… 2.dad- had to do it via email so he hasn’t gotten back to me yet… 3. Told one of my friends about it and his response was I will be taking the class next year…

Mad Card Review-Calvin Aman

The Mad cards thought me the top three things that I valued the most. On top was Medical Research, because I felt that it was the most important due to my current lifestyle. I feel that people shouldn’t have to go through what I am experiencing right now. Second was Veterans because without them we wouldn’t be here and my great grandpa was a vet who was fortunate enough to evade death twice, and was lucky to go on the honor flight before he died over two years ago. There was four or more cards I would choose but medical research and vets are my top two.