Week 2

I learned that a lot of our class likes music and/or is athletic. A lot of people brought in headphones and something from their sports.

Our team is going to sell wristbands and we are going to sell them through the school, maybe through the school store, at sporting events and maybe through the community.

I told my mom about Main Street and she thought it was an amazing program that benefited the community greatly. She thought that selling wristbands was also a great idea that would raise lots of money.

Riley Donovan-MAD Card Reivew

Picking the MAD cards that I wanted to spend this project on was pretty easy.  I am very passionate about the medical field and disease research because that is a field that i want to enter so the more advanced it is the better and it helps so many people overcome so many different diseases.  This was a fun experience and i enjoyed it very much.  I hope to become more knowledgeable in the area of community giving and philanthropy.  This will help me become a better part of my community and a more responsible community member.