Week 2

From the brown paper bag activity, I learned that a lot of kids play sports and others listen to music. Then my group decided we were going to raise money for a charity that helps children with physical and mental disabilities. For the fundraiser we decided we would buy and sell wristbands. They were a huge hit last year and we hope they are this year also. We haven’t really found many charities around us to donate too but we are still looking.

Week 1 – MAD Cards

The MAD card review for me was very eye opening. It really showed me what I truly care about more than the others. I choose the MAD card for people with mental and physical disabilities. I choose this because I personally know people with these disabilities. I think these MAD cards show us all of the problems that are happening in this world. Not everything is what we see, but there also things that we don’t know about. Since this is my second time in this class I plan to help others that need it. I want to be a leader in this class and show people what to do.