Week 2

During the brown paper bag activity, I learned that most of my classmates like to eat and listen to music. I also learned that most of my classmates like the same thing. We are going to sell wristbands to raise money for Kids that have medical disabilities. The wristbands are going to be sold for a dollar before school, after school and during lunch. I told my mom about Main Street Philanthropy and she thought it was a great program to be in.

MAD card Reflection- James Banks

The first MAD card I picked was mental and physical disabilities. The reason I choose this card was that I’ve seen a lot of mentally disabled people and I believe they all have warm hearts. Every mentally disabled person I know is happy to be alive and they all have good attitudes about life. I want to help them so they can keep showing us lessons of loving life. The second MAD card I picked was the emergency and disaster relief. I picked this card, because disasters happen all the time around the world and we need organizations to relieve people from those disasters. The final MAD card I picked was animal care, because I love animals and it makes me sad to see them in distress.