Week 2

From the brown paper bag activity I learned that a lot of my classmates enjoy very similar things. Most of my classmates like to listen to music, play sports, and family and friends were also very important. My group decided to do a 50/50 raffle at all of the home basketball games and we will try to hold a fundraiser at the games. The money we fundraise will go to Threshold or the Y as these places help people with mental and physical disabilities.

Week 1 – MAD Cards

For the MAD cards the number one pick for me was helping the mentally disabled. I believe that these people need the most help because they can’t help themselves mentally and physically. I also personally know people that are mentally disabled so I feel that this is the right charity for me. My second choice was the emergency disasters card. I believe that people with emergency disasters are very stressed and need immediate help to calm them down and help them recover. My third option was animal care because there are a lot of animal abusers out there and animals don’t deserve poor treatment. In this class I hope to become a better leader and develop a better attitude toward things I normally wouldn’t enjoy doing.