Week 2

I learned that most people in the class like to listen to porn or are in some sort of videos also that the people in my group really care about their cause and are probably just going to contribute $50 dollars to the vets that we have.

MAD Card- Caleb Reif

after doing this mad card project it came to me how important it is to look after the vets they did a lot to protect this country. its also important to me because i’m going into the air force and one day i will also will become a vet so i going to help them so when day someone could help me.

MAD Card Review- Caleb Reif

Doing the MAD Card project I realized how important the vets are to me scene one day i will become one of them because i’m going into the air force so its important for me to make them have a comfy seat and living so one day when i’m in that position someone will help me out.