Week 8-Bennett Seidensticker

We decided which organization was the best for our investment by looking at their 9-90s and seeing how well they presented their organization during the panel discussion. My experience working in a group environment was good and fun. Although it was good and fun it wasn’t easy, my group and I soon found out that if you don’t put in the work your not going to get anything out of this. My group agreed on our decision and there where no disagreements. Some things I expect for next week is visiting the organizations the groups decided to donate to.

Week 7-bennett seidensticker

The person I look up to and the person I chose to interview was my mom. She has been a philanthropist for a very long time giving back to the community by volunteering at her school helping the special needed . She still gives back to this day by donating her time to the schools.

Week 9

It felt good but the reactions that organization had on there faces made me feel way better because the money was going to a great cause.  It also made me feel good that we are giving to a cause that will help children with autism get help to make there disorder easier to deal with.

Week 9 Nathan Heniadis

Giving the money to the organizations made me feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing what we did was going to help others out in various ways. I felt very good about what the class did and It made me feel better as a person to give the money that our group worked hard to raise. It is nice to see hard work turn out into nice results.

Week 9

While presenting the checks I felt happy.  It was great to finally see all the work that we’ve been doing to come to fruition.  It was a happy moment when we presented the humane society with the check and they were surprised with the amount.  Also when I told Dr. Ogi about his dads honor flight he was very excited about that opportunity.

Week 9

It made me feel amazing when we delivered the checks. The recipients were so grateful and happy to see that people care about the things they do and are willing to help. I felt like I made a difference and will probably remember how the people felt about the checks for a long time.

Nate Jung Week 9

It made me feel good. It gave me and my classmates a sense of accomplishment being able to give back to the community. The charities were so happy to see money that they knew would make changes in the community. The best part had to be going to the Humane Society and meeting all the animals that we are helping out. I hope to continue to make changes in the community outside this class.

Miguel Gonzalez week 9

It felt great to see and hear how much all our work helps other people. The charities were so happy to see the check with all the money we were able to donate to them. It gave me a sense of accomplishment in the fact that i was able to help so many other people.

Week 9

When we delivered the checks to the organizations on Friday, it made me feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives. It was great to see how grateful the recipients were and that made me feel proud of everything our group did while fundraising the money we were giving to the organizations.

Week 9

I thought that it felt really good delivering the checks to the organization because I got to see the faces and how happy everyone was when we gave the checks to them. I also thought it was cool to be in the organization and see what they are doing and what they need the money for.