week 10 – carson thull

In this week we talked about our graduation from main street philanthropy. We made presentations about each week. We got to pick our partners and they were assigned a week to present. My group was assigned week four. It was about our calculations for the money. We had also made a slide for our group that we raised money in and presented what we had did.

week 9 – carson thull

Today we took a field trip and we went to the organizations. Which each group chose to deliver their check and then they gave us a little tour of there facility. It was a different a good feeling that happens when do good things to help people especially when you give the money away because you know that the money that you give them will go to help the people that need it. The best part was the homeless shelter because I couldn’t imagine not being able to have a house to come home to everyday.

blog week #4

We learned that Habitat for Humanity does a lot of events to raise money. I feel like they would appreciate our donations, since they are always looking for ways to raise money. We are considering Habitat for Humanity, because we want to help build homes for people who need them. It is really important to look at the numbers of the organization, because it is a good way to see where they’re money is going and how much of it they’re keeping for themselves. We learned that Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization.

blog week #3

We had a hard time at first making our statements. Once we figured it out, we knew why were donating and we found out our purpose for our charity. The Purpose, Vision, and Mission statements are important, because it lets us recognize what we want to accomplish by donating. When we reach out to organizations, I don’t think that everybody is going to say yes. Our group has a good mission and purpose, so I think that the majority of our organizations will come in for the panel discussion and be good contenders for who we are donating to. Animal organizations always need money, so I feel like a lot of them will be interested and respond back to us.

Week 9: Ashley Clausing

I ended up not going on the field trip, but even though I didn’t go, it still felt good to be able to give them money. We gave our money to Habitat for Humanity, and they are an organization that helps build home for the people who can’t afford them, or what had them wrecked in an accident. I am happy that I was given the opportunity to participate in this experience. It helped teach me the importance in giving back to those in our community.

Week 9- Gabi Seidensticker

This week we visited almost all of the organizations that the groups were donating too. My group got to donate over 400 dollars to the full shelf food pantry in west bend. Going to all of the different non-profit organizations was a cool experience to learn about what they actually do and who they actually help.

Week 8- Gabi Seidensticker

8We are donating it all to that one organization. At first it was difficult raising the money but the go fund me page really helped us. My group was in agreement on all the decisions being made. We didn’t have really and disagreements. Next week we hope to raise more money.

Week 7- Gabi Seidensticker

It has been easy doing mainstreet philanthropy, raising money and giving back. My group did make a final decision. We are gunna be donate to full shelf food pantry because donating to them can help the whole washington county area instead of just kewaskum.

Week 6- Gabi Seidensticker

After our second panel discussion we will be making the decision on which organization we want to donate to. Every person that came in was very passionate about their organization. It’s a good thing to fund raise and give back to your community is what I’m learning from this.

Week 5- Gabi Seidensticker

This week I found it difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations. But it was the way we could see where the money was actually going. We also looked at the leaders of the organizations. We couldn’t get the kewaskum food pantry to come in.