Week 10 – Ethan Williams

This week we had the people that we donated to come in for a class presentaion. We had groups and we talked about one of the weeks in the tri. Carson, Aaron and I had week 4 and we talked about tax code and things that we learned about. We also had to present about who we donated to and what we did to raise funds. I was pretty nervous to present because I wanted to impress the people that came in. Our slide we did for the week was pretty hard and I think that we did that well and did good.

Week 9 – Ethan Williams

This week my group went on a field trip to all of the organizations that we were going to donate to. Although I was unable to attend the field trip, I heard from my friends that it was very cool and fun to give the money to them. I think that we did a good thing by raising money for a good cause. Even if I wasn’t there it was cool to hear the stories about the trip and see the pictures that were taken.

Week 10 – Emma Penfield

Overall I enjoyed Main Street a lot. It pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and work together in a group to achieve a common goal. I will mostly remember the good feeling I got after donating the money and how those funds would be used for other families in my community. I will share MSP with others by telling others to take Leadership in order to directly learn it or push others to donate their time and money towards others. I’m super glad I got the opportunity to take this class and see the changes in me throughout the course.

Week 9 – Emma Penfield

This week we had the chance to visit the organizations that would receive our donations and give them a symbolic check. We visited all the organizations except for the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. It was really cool and interesting to see all of the organizations and the background of them that are not usually shown to the public. It made me feel really good to be able to hand over the check and see how it was going to be implemented.

Week 10 Austin Valley

During this week of Main Street Philanthropy, we had our graduation ceremony.

There is a lot that I have learned during the course of this class, l will take a lot of the stuff I learned with me from this class, the things that I will use the most were the weekly quote exercises, I will be honest I don’t remember most of them but the ones I will remember the most are honesty, courage, and respect I believe that these are very important.

I believe this program has changed my views on charity’s I believe in the future I will try to put some time into donating or helping out an organization.

I believe this class will help me be a better person going to adulthood, I believe it will help me during job interview or even just regular everyday life

Week 9 Austin valley

During this week we delivered our checks to our organizations, my group, gave our check to honor flight, I actually felt like I made a difference for once it was great to know that our money went toward a veteran, them being able to go see their monument and get the respect they deserved. I think that is what I will remember the most about this class.

Week 10 – Morgan Goeden

The biggest thing I will remember about Main Street is the good feeling that I got from making other people so happy and thankful. Although I already donated and volunteered a lot before this class, I’m sure that this class will give me the push to continue helping others. This program showed me how much one simple person can affect the lives of a lot of others in a positive way. I think that MSP will definitely be the little angel on my shoulder in the future telling me to donate and give what I can do help others. I will use this experience to make my future better and others even better.

Week 10 – Andrew Beine

The part of MSP that will stick with me the most is the connections I made with people I knew and didn’t know. I found that a lot of my family and friends are passionate about fighting hunger too, and were more than willing to donate to my cause. I have always valued serving and volunteering, and now I can see another side of that; fundraising and donations. I will spread the word about MSP to others because of how much I enjoyed it and how it changed me. I can use what I learned on applications to show future employers/schools how I have served my community, and how I can potentially serve theirs. Overall I really enjoyed MSP, and I hope more schools begin to implement this course.

Week 9 – Andrew Beine

Delivering checks was an incredible experience. I got to see how thankful each representative was, and truly feel what they feel every time they help someone in need. I loved being able to help others even if it was a small contribution, and I know that my donation will go directly to people in my community. I liked talking with the representatives, about how they got involved and where our donations will go. I can’t wait to see them in action.

Week 10 -Hunter Roehrig

I will remember a lot about Main Street Philanthropy but I think the thing that i will remember the most is the organizations that we donated to and the effect that the fundraising had on me as an individual. This program has also influenced me a lot on how I will give in the future. I feel that in the future I will definitely be more open to giving my time, talents, and money for others because of what MSP has shown me. I think that this is because that after giving to the organizations, I had such an amazing feeling of generosity. Finally, i will use this experience when applying for things later in my life like colleges or jobs. I can use the knowledge and passion to give that MSP has given me to better myself as a person, not only in my character but also as a future employee and a future students.