Week 3 – Sara Hofmaier

This week our group worked to create our purpose, vision, and mission statement. We decided on our group name being capes for kids and also decided on donating to the children’s hospital. We are working towards choosing exactly what fundraisers we want to do and experimenting with different ideas over the weekend.Our purpose is to improve the lives of kids, while our vision is that kids won’t need to struggle with illnesses whether it is receiving quality care or finding a cure. Our final mission statement was that we want to help to improve children’s lives in our area. This is important because it provides our group with a specific goal. Generally when people are given a specific goal they tend to work harder than when given a generalized goal. Which is why I think we were told to come up with a direct / specific mission statement. I expect that most organizations we try to reach out to will be fairly easy to work with because we are trying to donate money to help them and they clearly already care about their cause and would most likely want help from others in the community to help achieve their goals.   

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