Week 2 – Sara Hofmaier

When participating in the brown paper bag activity I was surprised by how hard it was to think of objects. I never really had to think about what was the most important things in my life. First when I tried to come up with objects I had difficulty because every time I thought of an object I would think about if it was really a necessary part of my, for instance do I need this object to be happy in life. A lot of the cases I didn’t need it, I came to realize that the most important things in my life is my music / being able to play the flute and guitar and my animals – especially my horse. The third object was difficult to come up with I originally thought my family because that is what a lot of people say is the most important thing; but I didn’t pick my family because currently I don’t live with them or talk to them very often and I am more happy than I have been in a long time. Then I decided that my friends are probably the people in my life that represent my family and so my third object was my friends because to be happy everyone needs a support system of people, and mine is my friends. By seeing the objects that my classmates choose I was able to have insight into their lives and see what is most important to them. At the moment our team is thinking that our team fundraiser will be a Easter egg hunt at the elementary school where we will also be hosting a bake sale. We are hoping to get all the materials donated so that we can raise more money without having to spend it on materials.

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