week 8 blog-jermaine thull

Our team has chosen Variety and the reason why we chose them was because we each have a family member who has a disability, and we all thought that it was a great thing what they were doing for the little girl and how they are making a bike for her. After we looked into the organization we realized that a lot of their money is actually going towards the little girl and overall the money goes towards all of the ones that need a lot of help.For the most part working with a group was a great thing for me, i learned how to be more comfortable talking in front of people that i don’t normally socialize with and i feel like it took a lot of pressure off of me because i was able to be comfortable and share my ideas. And our group pretty much agrees on what each person says, and sometimes if we don’t necessarily agree we don’t just say it’s a dumb idea, we try to improve it and make it a way that can work and that we can all agree on

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